Projects and Initiatives

Open Source Learning Analytics System
As part of the NSF Careers in Play project, the MEDIAL group is developing an open source learning analytics platform.  We plan to publish information about how to use it and how to extend its code base on This project is still under development and we have not yet released our first public release (planned for early 2021)

Undergraduate Wellness and Workload Analytics
As part of a seminar course, undergraduate and graduate students from the College of Education and the iSchool working with the iSchool Academic Programs group are working to learn about the kinds of issues that information science students encounter as a result of their workload and out of school responsibilities. Preliminary results will be presented at the iSchool Symposium on May 8, 2019.

Computational Archival Science Education System (CASES)
Working with partner Digital Curation Innovation Center (DCIC), MEDIAL has developed an initial educational support for the international community practicing Computational Archival Science (CAS).  Named the Computational Archival Science Education System or CASES, it is built using Jupyter Notebooks and a range of other technologies that support Open Science with archival collections.

Cloud-based Student Technology Workspaces

Cloud-based Student Technology Workspace (CSTW) are the digital analogs for the physical computer labs that most learning organizations (IHEs and K-12 educational systems) have had in their buildings since the emergence of personal computers.  With the shift in computing technology from desktops to mobile computing with remote servers and now cloud services combined with the emergence of a heterogeneous client computing community learning organizations are turning to a new kind of virtual structure to meet technology instructional needs.  Instead of physical rooms that provide students with computers of a particular type and configuration, these virtual spaces support a range of student personal devices with a range of cloud-based configurations.  Not only are CSTWs more configurable than physical spaces, they are also more aligned with contemporary technologies that schools like the Maryland iSchool help prepare students to be fluent in.  These CSTWs can go by a number of names from Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI), Virtual Computer Labs (VCL) and other projects that come from open source communities that often are based around a concept of a notebook that contains different kinds of elements.  

Learning Analytics Research Review
This project is for the 2019 Review of Research in Education volume. In this review, the team is looking at three literatures that are related: Learning Analytics, Education Data Mining, and Data-Driven Decision-making.
Active Data Use and Its Impact on P-20 Educator Practice for Submission

Findable Science Education Resources
Findable Science Education Resources is a project begun with Clay Daetwyler of the Physics department into the ways that Open Education Resources are cataloged and can be found by teachers. This project has explored the National Science Digital Library (NSDL), The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) ComPADRE project

NSDL Report for Review.pdf
NSDL-Recommendations 3-13-18.pdf